PVC resin tile

product description

PVC resin tile is a double-layer co-extrusion of super weather-resistant engineering resin ASA and PVC. It is constructed with modern technology and antique design. It is mainly divided into upper and lower layers: the upper layer is an anti-aging layer, which is covered and synthesized by 0.2mm thick ASA resin material. The lower layer is impact-resistant and corrosion-resistant layer, which is composed of 2.8mm thick PVC chemical material and other auxiliary materials. Its most prominent feature is that it is rich in color and durable, light and durable, and has a beautiful three-dimensional appearance.

Brand:  Langfang BonaiSpecification :support customization
Style: modern minimalistMaterial :vinyl polymer
Color: Red, yellow, white, green and blue support customizationUse: Roofs and walls of large industrial buildings such as chemical plants, fertilizer plants, sewage treatment plants, electroplating plants, power plants, breeding plants, markets, warehouses, etc.

Product application scenarios
Due to the characteristics of PVC resin tile itself, it is suitable for new sloping roofs of various structures such as concrete structures, steel structures, wood structures, brick-wood mixed structures, Roofs of pavilions, cultural halls, villas, etc.etc.

PVC resin tile

Product advantages

Due to the characteristics of PVC resin tile itself, it has the following advantages:

  • Super weather resistance: Synthetic resin tiles are generally produced with excellent high weather resistance engineering resins, such as ASA, PPMA, pmma, etc. These materials are high weather resistance materials, making them extraordinary in the natural environment. Weather resistance, it is exposed to UV light, moisture, heat, cold and shock for a long time, and still can maintain the stability of color and physical properties.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance: The high weather resistance resin and the main resin have very good corrosion resistance, and will not be eroded by rain and snow to cause performance degradation, and can resist the corrosion of acid, alkali, salt and other chemical substances for a long time. Ideal for coastal areas where salt spray is highly corrosive and areas with severe air pollution
PVC resin tile
  • Excellent anti-load performance: Synthetic resin tile has good anti-load performance.
  • Good impact resistance and low temperature resistance: Synthetic resin tiles have good impact resistance and low temperature resistance. A 1 kg heavy steel hammer 1.5 meters high falls freely on the tile surface without cracks. After 10 freeze-thaw cycles, the product has no hollow, Bubble, peeling, crack phenomenon.
  • Self-cleaning: The surface of synthetic resin tile is dense and smooth, not easy to absorb dust, and has “lotus leaf effect”. The rain wash is as clean as new, and there will be no mottled phenomenon that is washed by the rain after the accumulation of dirt.
  • Easy installation: Generally, this product has the following characteristics: large tile sheet area, high paving efficiency, light weight, easy lifting and unloading, complete supporting products, simple tools and procedures
    green and environmental protection: synthetic resin tiles have passed the certification of China’s environmental labeling products, and can be completely recycled and reused when the product life ends
PVC resin tile

Company profile

Langfang Bonai PVC  products have PVC corrugated plate , PVC plate , PVC decorative sheet , PVC door curtainPVC Clear Corrugated Sheet and pvc resin tile .

 Langfang Bonai EP Tech co.Ltd  was established in 2008 years,it covers 15,000 square meter.The main production of fiberglass as raw material products,investment 12 million, we have 76 employees, including thee R&D engineer.We have two frp sheet production lines,three pvc antique tile production lines,two pc sheet production lines,annual output value of 80 million RMB. Our company has cooperated with Germany and Japan institute of Technology since 2010 years. and have proudly become their important science- research partner.Our main products FRP sheet, FRP gel coat sheet, Synthetic resin tile and Polycarbonate sheet.We exported it more than 40 counries.Welcome to visit our company.