product description

PC corrugated board is a kind of decorative panel, its surface shape is similar to undulating waves, so it is called corrugated board. Due to the imitation of the texture of the waves, the dynamic waves extend a lot of shapes on the static veneer, and the texture is very rich. Size and thickness: The size of the large board of the corrugated board can be customized according to requirements.

Brand:  Langfang BonaiSpecification :support customization
Style: modern minimalistMaterial :polycarbonate sheet
Color: Red, yellow, white, green and blue support customizationUse: Commercial Greenhouses, Leisure Greenhouses, Garden Centers; Skylights, Building Structures, Industrial Facilities, Public Buildings; Protective Covers, Canopies; Walkways, Sidewalk Cladding  

Product application scenarios

PC corrugated sheet has a wide range of product applications, and its excellent quality is loved by designers.The following commercial greenhouses, recreational greenhouses, garden centers; skylights, building structures, industrial facilities, public buildings; shelters, canopies; walkways, sidewalk cladding.

Polycarbonate corrugated board

product advantages

The corrugated board has strong decorative properties, low installation cost, durability, and in simple terms, it is cost-effective.

Strong decoration: The wave board has a unique shape and rich styles, which can appear as decoration in different styles, especially the straight corrugation is very practical in the recently popular minimalist style.

Low installation cost: The installation of the corrugated board does not need to reserve expansion and contraction space, it can be directly glued to the base board, fixed with gun nails around it, and the nail holes are repaired with paint, which is much more convenient than other wall decoration materials.

Polycarbonate corrugated board

The material of the corrugated board determines that it is very convenient to take care of, no maintenance is required, and it can be wiped when there are stains.

Company profile

 Langfang Bonai EP Tech co.Ltd  was established in 2008 years,it covers 15,000 square meter.The main production of fiberglass as raw material products,investment 12 million, we have 76 employees, including thee R&D engineer.We have two frp sheet production lines,three pvc antique tile production lines,two pc sheet production lines,annual output value of 80 million RMB. Our company has cooperated with Germany and Japan institute of Technology since 2010 years. and have proudly become their important science- research partner.Our main products FRP sheet, Synthetic resin tile and Polycarbonate sheet.We exported it more than 40 counries.Welcome to visit our company.

Langfang Bonai