Clear Frp Roof Tile

Clear Frp Roof Tile describe

The full name of FRP transparent tile is FRP reinforced polyester, the Chinese name is FRP transparent tile, commonly known as FRP, also called transparent lighting tile. Clear Frp Roof Tile is a light absorbing material used in combination with steel structure. It is mainly composed of high-performance coatings, reinforced polyester and glass fiber, and the UV protection is to protect the polyester of FRP lighting panels from yellowing, aging, and premature loss of light transmission characteristics. Anti-static is to ensure that the dust on the surface is easily washed away by rain or wind, keeping the surface clean and beautiful. The product quality is stable and durable, and it is very popular among users. It can be widely used in the roof and wall of industrial and commercial buildings.

Clear Frp Roof Tile

FRP–fiber reinforcedClear Frp Roof Tile, according to the different fibers used are divided into glass fiber reinforced composite plastics (GFRP quasi-reinforced composite plastics “CFRP fiber reinforced composite plastics and other fiber reinforced composite materials are composed of reinforcing fibers and matrix fibers or fibers” The diameter of the small strand is less than 10m, and the defects are small and small, and the fracture strain is less than 30/1000. It is a very low strength modulus of the cast material and the receiving material relative to the fiber.Only informativeness and elastic cavitation are secondary properties. According to the length of the fiber, such as FRP, it can be divided into fiber reinforced composite material (excellent fiber) reinforced composite material plastic.

Brand:  Langfang BonaiSpecification :support customization
Style: modern minimalistMaterial :frp  
Color: Red, yellow, white, green and blue support customizationUse: Roof rain protection, building decoration, roof steel structure greenhouse, open roof lighting

Clear Frp Roof Tile application scenarios

Clear Frp Roof Tilesuitable for lighting on the walls of industrial factories, thermal insulation and lighting in agricultural vegetable greenhouses, roof lighting in public sports venues, and buildings with special requirements such as flame retardant, anti-corrosion and thermal insulation.

Clear Frp Roof Tile

Clear Frp Roof Tile  advantages

The advantages of our Clear Frp Roof Tile are shown below

(1) Light transmittance: The light transmittance of FRP lighting panel can reach up to 89%, which can be beautiful with glass.

(2) Impact resistance: The impact strength of FRP lighting panels is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass, 30 times that of acrylic panels of the same thickness, and 2-20 times that of tempered glass. There is no crack when dropped from two meters below a 3kg hammer. The reputation of “unbroken glass” and “sound steel”.

Clear Frp Roof Tile

(3) Anti-ultraviolet: It can filter out 99℅ of ultraviolet rays in sunlight.

(4) Light weight: the Clear Frp Roof Tile specific gravity is only half of that of glass, saving the cost of transportation, handling, installation and supporting the frame.

(5) Flame retardant: The national standard GB50222-95 confirms that it is divided into primary flame retardant and secondary flame retardant.

Clear Frp Roof Tile

(6) Bendability: According to the design drawing, the cold bending method can be adopted on the construction site, and it can be installed into an arch and semi-circular top. The minimum bending radius is 175 times the thickness of the plate, and it can also be hot bent.

(7) High strength and life span of more than 15-20 years. preservative.

(8) The Clear Frp Roof Tile has strong stability, and the temperature between -30 ℃ and 130 ℃ has no effect on this product.

Company profile

 Langfang Bonai EP Tech co.Ltd  was established in 2008 years,it covers 15,000 square meter.The main production of fiberglass as raw material products,investment 12 million, we have 76 employees, including thee R&D engineer.We have two frp sheet production lines,three pvc antique tile production lines,two pc sheet production lines,annual output value of 80 million RMB. Our company has cooperated with Germany and Japan institute of Technology since 2010 years. and have proudly become their important science- research partner.Our main products FRP sheet,Synthetic resin tile and Polycarbonate sheet.We exported it more than 40 counries.Welcome to visit our company.

Clear Frp Roof Tile

 “customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit”, the high quality plate, perfect after-sales service, to early for customers, providing high quality plate and perfect after-sales service for three basic starting point, the customer satisfaction as bonai FRP eternal obligations;