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product description

Judging from the function and nature of the Polycarbonate rain loose, its main function is to prevent falling objects from causing damage to the corresponding objects and people. It has to be said that there are many open-air environments at the exit of the building. If these open-air environments are handled incorrectly, if items are dropped from high altitudes, it will easily cause injuries to people downstairs. It is worth mentioning that the installation and use of the canopy can well avoid the occurrence of this problem, and it can play a role in protecting people’s personal safety.

Brand:  Langfang BonaiSpecification :support customization
Style: modern minimalistMaterial :polycarbonate sheet
Color: Red, yellow, white, green and blue support customizationUse: A building assembly used for protection from rain, wind and falling objects above the entrance and exit of a building or above the top balcony

Product application scenarios

The Polycarbonate rain loose is a kind of building assembly that is installed at the entrance and exit of the building or above the top balcony to protect against rain, wind and falling objects. There are small canopies such as cantilever canopies and hanging canopies; large canopies such as wall or column-supported canopies; shaped canopies such as new building materials, patented design, factory-scale production; endurance board assembly canopy .

SHOP Polycarbonate rain loose

Product advantages

Flame retardant: The spontaneous combustion temperature of Polycarbonate rain loose is 630°C (220°C for wood). Tested by the National Fireproof Building Materials Quality Supervision and Testing Center, the flammability of Polycarbonate rain loose reaches GB (8624-1997 flame retardant B1 level), which belongs to flame retardant Sex engineering materials.
Chemical anti-corrosion: Polycarbonate rain loose has good chemical anti-corrosion resistance, and can resist the erosion of various organic acids, inorganic acids, weak acids, vegetable oils, neutral salt solutions, aliphatic hydrocarbons and alcohols at room temperature.
Heat and cold resistance: Polycarbonate rain loose has good temperature difference resistance, can adapt to various severe weather changes from severe cold to high temperature, and maintain various physical performance indicators within the range of -40℃ to 120℃.
Photochemical Polycarbonate rain loose have the highest transmittance in the visible and near-infrared spectrum. Depending on the color, the transmittance can reach 12%-88%.

SHOP Polycarbonate rain loose

Company profile

 Langfang Bonai EP Tech co.Ltd  was established in 2008 years,it covers 15,000 square meter.The main production of fiberglass as raw material products,investment 12 million, we have 76 employees, including thee R&D engineer.We have two frp sheet production lines,three pvc antique tile production lines,two pc sheet production lines,annual output value of 80 million RMB. Our company has cooperated with Germany and Japan institute of Technology since 2010 years. and have proudly become their important science- research partner.Our main products FRP sheet, Synthetic resin tile and Polycarbonate sheet.We exported it more than 40 counries.Welcome to visit our company.